Looking for a personal service
look no further

We specialise in customising each and every product to the customers' needs. Whether you are looking to host a simple personal blog or a high availability high traffic e-commerce site we have something to offer. Each offer is custom to you.

Custom solutions catered
exactly to your needs

We are not limited to any single supplier or system therefore we can offer you a solution that is customised exactly to your needs.

Our skilled engineers will be able to work with you and create a package that allows you to focus on your core business and we can do the rest. We specialise in operating servers and monitoring connected networks.

Some customers need advanced DDoS protection, some need a fully managed package, some need a RAID 60 setup with offsite backups, others just need a basic service. With us you only pay for what you need, no more. Therefore, we can offer a more competitive package to you.

Some of what we can offer

Web Hosting

We can offer solutions ranging from hosting a single website such as a blog to a secure high availability e-commerce site

Dedicated Servers or VPS

Looking for a small VPS as a test bed, or need a multi blade racked system, we can cater to your needs

Backup Solutions

Need a simple offsite backup account or a highly redundant automatic backup setup we can work with your needs

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